Eleven Eyes is one of Eugene’s most colorful musical institutions.  With an eye to the future and a nod to the past, Eleven Eyes creates their own brand original dance music.  The electronica-accented combination of a world-class horn section, powerful vocals, rip-roaring guitar, and a butt-bumpin' rhythm section fuses the gap between sounds that bring to mind 70's Fela, swampy New Orleans funk, Bassnecter, James Brown, and Augustus Pablo. 


Rocking Oregon and the western United States since 2002, Eleven Eyes shows no sign of slowing down, continually composing new music and reaching out to new audiences. Eleven Eyes brings the spirit of improvisation to every show, treating each tune as a point of departure for new explorations, which makes each show unique. Steeped in the jazz tradition, the Eyes are unafraid of taking risks and constantly flirt with uncertainty.  This brings an electric energy to every performance for the band and fans alike.


Eugene’s healthy and vibrant music community has given the Eyes freedom to explore a myriad of genres.  Over the years the Eyes have refined their impulsiveness and focused on a fluid interaction between the groove and audience.  Eleven Eyes keeps the people on their feet, joining in the revelry with call n response shouts, conscious lyrical content, and mesmerizing improvisations, ethereal textures and subwoofer-destroying break beats, and next-level funk.


New Eleven Eyes music is coming too!  Their brand new single, “Strumming Me Along” was just released in February 2015 and is to be followed up with a full album in the summer or 2015.  It’ll be their first album with Emily Jensen on vocals, and they are stoked to get that sound out!  Eleven Eyes is charged, full of momentum, and moving full steam ahead with no stopping in sight!